Cooking Lessons

Learn Greek cuisine from a professional chef.

As this is a very popular option you are advised to book as early as possible. It really is fun and useful, in a practical manner. It has consisted of three different stages.

Greek cuisine - Cooking Lessons | Villas & Yachts in CorfuA. Ingredients of Greek Cuisine, olive oil, and herbs. How and Why?
B. Beginners session: Cook some easy dishes, greek salad, tzatziki, taramosalata, and starters. Ladolemono(dressing based on virgin olive oil for BBQ meat or fish)
C. Advanced sessions: complicated meat and fish dishes.

How it happens
You meet the chef in person and talk about the schedule. (every session includes four main dishes and two starters –four portions/session)
You then decide about the different dishes you will be taught.
The chef arrives at your property with the groceries.
Presents an introduction of the ingredients and their use. Introduces the dishes theoretically, and provides guidelines on health and safety and “stay tidy in the kitchen”.
He then splits the various aspects to different people and cooking starts.!!
If you wish you can film all session or take a series of relative pictures.
After the food is ready he suggests various alternatives of serving and decorating the dishes and instructions on how to store them in order to stay as fresh as possible.