Live In It

You will taste excellent wines, extra virgin olive oils and meet producers.

Due to our guest demands and ideas, Villas & Yachts in Corfu have organized and developed a couple of experiences that are truly unique. (depending on the time of the year and availability)

Olive oil making

Live in it - Ideas in Corfu Oil maker

  • Driving your own cars with a guide we visit a typical Greek farm in an olive groove.
  • The farmers explain the way of collecting the olives and the various aspects of the product.
  • We take a drink with local sweets on the farm and then we head to the olive press.
  • We follow the whole procedure from unloading the olives till the extract of the olive oil.
  • We then take a slice of bread placing it under the separator to taste the pure unprocessed olive oil.
    (Flat shoes and trousers or track suit bottoms essential)



Wine making

Live in it - Ideas in Corfu wine making

  • After the end of August, we can visit a vine yard.
  • See and taste the different local grapes right from the grapevine.
  • Take a drink and sweets at the farmhouse.
  • And then follow the whole procedure from grapes to wine participating in it.
  • Unload the sacks of grapes into the crasher and transfer the juice into the fermenting containers.
  • Taste the grape juice before its fermenting.